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How does one describe themselves to a complete stranger…


My name is Victoria. I like long walks on the beach……. Just kidding, but in all seriousness, the true loves in my life (in no particular order) are hats, wine, traveling the world!

I, like many others, felt an inescapable draw to travel and experience the world. At 24, this became the biggest priority. Therefore, quitting my job (you know, the one I went to college for 4 years to obtain) seemed like the first step.

What next one might ask?

Obviously, to move completely across the world and build a new life in New Zealand. With this seemingly rash decision, comes the need to document the adventure from its beginning stages of applying for visas, to buying campervans, to the inevitable catastrophes that are sure to occur.

What is The Mad Hattress?

With that being said, while exploring this new world of New Zealand, it quickly became apparent that traveling was what I was meant to do. While seeing new places and experience everything a culture has to offer, I feel as if my true self comes about. What started as an online journal has morphed into a forum that I can share any travel tips, itineraries, and personal experiences of the new countries and cities I visit.

This is what The Mad Hattress is about…

  • To provide a trip itinerary for the person who hates to plan.
  • To inspire another to travel to a country they might not have considered.
  • To warn an inexperienced traveler of any visa requirements or cultural differences to expect.

Therefore, for all you wanderlusters out there, take a look at what The Mad Hattress has to offer! Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or give recommendations. I am always looking for the next grand adventure!


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