So you have been traveling around New Zealand for a few months. Saw amazing places… Hiked to mountain tops… Had glorious adventures…

One problem though, that bank account is slowly running out of numbers… Eek!

What are you going to do? Well, the only thing you can do, figure out how to get a job in New Zealand! Not sure where to start? Keep reading, my friend, I’ll have you hired in no time!

Step 1: Make sure you can legally work in New Zealand..

Do you have a working holiday visa or equivalent? Have you gotten an IRD number?

These are mandatory to get a job in New Zealand. Be aware, the request for an IRD number can take a few weeks to process. Therefore, if you want to work ASAP after arriving in New Zealand, this should be your priority! One thing to keep in mind is that with a working holiday visa, you aren’t able to obtain a permanent job. For additional information on working holiday visas, check out my post on obtaining a New Zealand working holiday visa.

Step 2: Update your CV..

Most places you are going to apply, are going to request your CV (resume). In New Zealand, CV’s aren’t typically limited to 1 page and can include a picture if you’d like. Depending on your desired job, be sure to tailor your CV to show all relevant experience. Remember, a well put together CV can say a lot about you. So give it a few minutes instead of slapping something together.

Also, you will want to have a few copies printed out to be able to give to potential employers.

Step 3: The job search.. A few tips

There are many ways to get a job in New Zealand, and heaps of available jobs out there.

Apply in person:

In my case, I was looking for work in hospo (hospitality) as well as a harvest job. To get one, I went by in person and inquired about relevant openings. This was how I obtained both a job at The Crab Shack, on the waterfront in Wellington and a vineyard harvest job in Martinborough.

The Crab Shack

It can take some time and initiative, but to work in hospo, it is the best way! This shows employers that you are confident and gives a good first impression. Not to mention, you get the chance to scope out the potential job.

Search jobs onlineVineyard at Sunrise

There are heaps of sites online that advertise job opportunities. Some are specific to the type of jobs they are offering like:

Other more general job sites include:

Recruitment agencies:

If those fail, there are recruitment agencies in most large cities. Basically, you go speak to a representative, who helps you with updating your CV, as well as setting up interviews. Now, if you are looking for a more professional job, this would be the route to go. These are typically free to sign up with and can open doors that you might not have previously accessed. A few to try online:

There are also local agencies for the specific town you are in. Appointments can be made for a face-to-face interview.

Wellington City from Victoria Peak

Temp agencies:

Similar to a recruitment agency in the fact that it will find you jobs. However, this option will have you working at different locations. One day, you could be working at the TSB Arena selling drinks, and the next day working for the Prime Minister.



There are heaps of Facebook groups specific to finding jobs in New Zealand. Usually, these are jobs directed toward backpackers. Just search for a group related to jobs in the city you are trying to live in.

Hostel boards/Supermarkets/Newspapers:

In some ways, New Zealand is very old school. Many towns still use a supermarket bulletin board as an advertisement for rooms for rent, cars for sale, and even job openings.

Also, try the hostel you are staying at! You never know, perhaps they will give you a job there! A note on this, many hostels will trade accommodation for a few hours of cleaning, etc. You just need to inquire.

Job = Income = More amazing New Zealand activities!

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of ways to obtain a job in New Zealand, but it should give you a starting off point. New Zealand can get expensive, and therefore, a job will give you the freedom to do more with your time in NZ as well as help you make some friends in the process!

Get out there, get earning, and good luck!



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